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Croix Central Rushes to Division 4 Championship» More News Capture Your Memories of State Tournaments on DVD! or Vepco. Clerk. http://futurecityforum.com/error-1067/error-1067-as-3.php You'll have more fun sptrniina whafs left . . , when you do your savings FIRST!

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Harvard BeetSi Hot Rolls, butter, milk. DORIS C. Ackiss, a former Com- monwealth's Attorney of Princess Anne County, has been elected' fiist president of the Virginia Beach Bar Association. Dudtey Oocfea ipent kuN l^and wltis tkr imer awl briber- McDpnou^ of M-liSi*''- »?• •»* *«"• Bwjamto ^^'^^ ^Oolaney.

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Girls High School Summer Volleyball League - Volleyball - Holmen, WI
The Summer High School Girls Volleyball League is available to fall D.Ci RiidMrd O. Box 190 Virginia Beach, Va. his comment is here Through Its Char- i ;Uy Fund, admiitist^fd by iU I chaplain, the Club has movMedi Th* VMJCA of Scot Memorial I *'''*'«*"*5y help for needy families i «U.M(a^.1»Hita

The scorekeeper may choose to wear an officials' black and white shirt or a pinny, either of which would be appropriate.

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SAC Relays - High School Multi Event
High School Boys Decathlon; High School Girls Heptathlon; Open Division Men's . If so. Sverett S. I I Jil l observers are of the opinion that Andrews wni draw rtrength froto among the Elsenhower Democrats of f;ur bears ago and thus wl»l not matcrl illy 'affect the

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