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Error - Section '.idata' Can Not Fit The Section


This pragma will only affect any subsequent idata definitions. Man muß entweder eine Adresse angeben oder besser eine Section im Linkerscript hinzufügen.Code: [Auswählen]// Linkerscript

// Code
#pragma idata CRC_TABLE
static const UCHAR aucCRCHi[] = dcbrown03-19-2008, 10:56 AMIt sounds like the linker cannot find a contiguous chunk of RAM to place this fairly large section of ram (132 bytes). To stop this add the word PROTECTED after the DATABANK definition. Source

I'll keep checking back in case someone needs more information from me. When you compile your code it will now use this linker script instead of the default one, but only for this project. You also need to allow room for the stack and temporary variables. Error - section '.idata_autonomous.o' can not fit the section.

#pragma Udata

if it is integer (16 bits) uses 4 banks! The notes below describe some shortcuts that can be taken. CODEPAGE NAME=distance1 START=0xCC80 END=0xCEFF PROTECTED CODEPAGE NAME=distance2 START=0xCF00 END=0xD042 PROTECTED 0xD043 ... 0xEB44 ? de_03-18-2008, 05:58 PMThanks for the insights.

  • I upgraded to MPLAB 8.10 a couple weeks ago and it still shows as the latest release.
  • hmmm, good point....
  • The closing #pragma idata/udata without a section name is not required.
  • I did the same thing with idata, hoping that the linker would be able to find places to fit these sections.
  • I can't find it in Microchip's data sheet or anywhere on IFI Robotics.
  • It's a good idea, though, to prevent subsequent definitions from filling up one of the newly-created sections and triggering another linker error.
  • MPLINK 4.20, Linker Copyright (c) 2008 Microchip Technology Inc.
  • He also mentioned maybe putting a #pragma code just before #pragma idata to tell the compiler it can locate things where ever it would like. ...

I would love to be able to identify the source of each item in the idata section. share|improve this answer answered Dec 22 '10 at 1:11 Robert 2,17441927 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Thank you all for your kind help! So, the project built but now if I add a variable or #include a new header it will choke and won't be able to fit some section that I previously fixed. In the linker script, you'll see a number of RAM memory regions declared like this: DATABANK NAME=gpr1 START=0x100 END=0x1FF DATABANK NAME=gpr2 START=0x200 END=0x2FF DATABANK NAME=gpr3 START=0x300 END=0x3FF DATABANK NAME=gpr4 START=0x400 END=0x4FF

Here is the default linker script for this microcontroller // File: 18f26k20.lkr // Sample linker script for the PIC18F26K20 processor LIBPATH . A logical section links the section name used in the source code #pragma to the associated memory regions declared with the DATABANK directive. The problem of handling interrupts PIC32 a day with X... more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Read also: How do I create a variable larger than 256 bytes in MPLAB C18? there is no honest way to explain it, because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. -- Hunter S. MPLAB can make it difficult to hold onto these setting changes. Determine the total size of the large sections, in bytes.

Ipc Sections

Now, I go in and add a few lines of code to a subroutine in search.c (no new variable declarations) and it says can not fit. Automatic variables defined inside functions are placed on the stack, not in idata/udata sections. #pragma Udata Fired because your skills are too far above your coworkers How to politely decline my salary due to feeling I don't currently deserve it? Section '__CONNECTION_TABLE' length=0x000001d0 Errors : 1 Increasing the number of coordinators from 16 to 32 gives the following error.

Increasing the connection size from 16 to 32 gives the following error. The linker threw a "can not fit the section. Browse other questions tagged pic mplab or ask your own question. Mike Bortfeldt03-13-2006, 07:26 PMGood point about the linker script.

Please don't make requests for help in private using PM. It isn't necessary to group all of the objects together in a single section, but doing so simplifies the required linker script modifications. So I think that the 256k (or about) limit is for the file, not a single variable. have a peek here If you do not need to write to these variables (read-only) then you can define them as "rom".

Section '.udata_main.o' length=0x000003a2 The above line indicates the requested data section will not fit withing the available RAM. The End devices fail to connect to the network after 16 nodes are already connected to the network. Also, if your data fits on an 8722, then data block size probably isn't your problem.

Re-compile and see how much program space you save.

Haben Sie Ihre Aktivierungs E-Mail übersehen? 1 Stunde 1 Tag 1 Woche 1 Monat Immer Einloggen mit Benutzername, Passwort und Sitzungslänge Neuigkeiten: PIC Mikrocontroller Forum Übersicht Forum Hilfe Suche Einloggen Someone more familiar with MPLAB may be able to fill in details on what your actual constraints are and how to properly configure the compiler for your chip. Browse other questions tagged c microcontroller pic microchip mplab or ask your own question. With recent versions of the compiler, linker scripts are located in the compiler's bin/LKR directory.

I would suggest either uploading or posting your code for review of possible optimization of the devices resources. No matter what I do in terms of #pragma idata commands and script commands, all idata is combined and seems to be limited to FF even though the bank is merged There are a lot of files link with this example, i use it and just change the processIO in the file main.c to make the microcontrolleur do the action i wanted, http://futurecityforum.com/error/error-section-entry-scn.php To put the array itself in ROM: rom char * rom array[] = { "string 1", "string 2" }; Copyright © 2009 John Temples (pic at xargs dot com) How to

Also, how do I get a listing ? Does this make sense to anyone? you may add another "#progma udata" behind ((( #pragma idata myscn1 static unsigned int var = 10; #pragma udata ))) post edited by vloki - 2008/05/23 00:21:07 Posting images, links and If none of the above apply, the solution to the error is described below.

The program you're trying to compile needs 0x4B0 bytes (1200 in decimal), and you have something less than this. Likewise, b is placed in the udata2 section. I will try to reduce the need of it.. –stef Dec 22 '10 at 9:25 @Nick T The library provided by Invensense communicates via the ARM board with the Microchips C18 compiler splits a microcontrollers RAM memory into data banks with a maximum size of 256 bytes.

Because the variables and constants within an initialized data section reside in RAM, their data must be stored in nonvolatile program memory (ROM). You must specify that the array you are creating is placed into the new larger RAM Bank. Section '.udata_Simp.o' length=0x00000c00 Errors : 1 edit: and your linker skript ? ... Duch die Aufteilung in High- und Low-Byte paßt jedes Array in eine Bank.

Gespeichert Bernd Globaler Moderator Hero Member Beiträge: 3820 Re: [C18] idata can not fit the section -> udata can not fit section « Antwort #7 am: Januar 21, 2008, 19:57:18 Nachmittag Often I will break them up, but not enough. Section '__CONNECTION_TABLE' length=0x000001c0 Errors : 1 Increasing the number of coordinators from 16 to 32 gives the following error.